National Mobilization on April 5, 2008

France is all those who live there
State xenophobia kills the rights of all
French people, immigrants equality – solidarity!

A policy that denies fundamental rights

The relentlessness of recent years against foreigners is impressive. No less than five laws since 2002 have been passed in defiance of the legitimacy of foreigners living in France to benefit from the rights of all, regardless of their legal status: attacks on State medical aid, DNA tests, multiplication of restrictions on right of entry and residence for foreigners, in particular by drastically limiting family reunification.

The government imposes a utilitarian vision of immigration. After having drawn up restrictive lists of occupations discriminating against workers from the EU and workers from the rest of the world, he intends to amend the Constitution in the spring to introduce the notion of quotas into law. In addition to facilitate deportations, he wants to create a special court responsible for trying foreigners without papers. He would like to have a provision adopted at European level making any large-scale regularization operation impossible in the future.

This repressive policy affects not only undocumented migrants but also foreigners with a residence permit and French people, especially those of foreign origin. For each of the undocumented people trapped by identically iniquitous facies checks, how many foreigners in good standing or French people “from an immigrant background” are humiliated on a daily basis? How many foreigners are denied, for long years or forever, the possibility of living with their relatives, because of the arbitrary criteria set by law and the finicky malice of the prefectures? How many foreigners and French people are denied the right to marry the woman or the man of their choice on the pretext that their love is only of convenience?

A policy of numbers that kills

Facies checks, summons to trap in prefectures, raids, failure to respect avenues and time limits for appeal, marking undocumented migrants with indelible felt in the North, pressure on prefects, police officers and gendarmes to achieve quantified objectives, in place of confinement camps at the borders of Europe…. Every day the descent into ignominy accelerates. This relentless repression breaks and kills human beings who, in order to escape evictions, take sometimes fatal risks (defenestrations, flight through roofs, suicides, drownings, etc.)

Policies to hunt undocumented migrants are not only inhumane and unfair, but also costly. The costs induced by this debauchery of police resources and the mobilization of infrastructure (rail, port and air transport) would be more useful for financing public services or development aid. On the contrary, if these same undocumented migrants were allowed to live in France legally, were no longer obliged to go into hiding and were no longer required to accept degrading working conditions, the payment of social contributions for these workers would bring billions of euros into social protection funds.

A policy that represses solidarity

The government strives to maintain a climate of suspicion and fear towards foreigners and their supporters: criminalization of solidarity, multiplication of legal proceedings, use of public services, social services and labor inspectors as auxiliaries from police.

In order to align social rights from below, he made the choice of division: the power opposed French and foreigners by agitating the myth of the invasion of France, it opposed the good integrated immigrants to the bad immigrants, the foreigners in regular situation for undocumented migrants, as it pits private employees against those of the public …

A policy that exploits immigration in favor of an anti-social and liberticidal policy

Foreigners are used as scapegoats in order to deflect opinion from real problems: purchasing power, social protection, pensions, precariousness, public services, place of women, future of the planet, discrimination….

Cette politique qui fait système est aujourd’hui notamment incarnée par le ministère de l’Immigration, de l’intégration, de l’identité nationale et du co-développement. Elle présente les étrangers comme une menace pour “l’identité nationale”. Cette conception s’inspire d’une philosophie nationaliste et d’extrême droite. Elle contribue à justifier des politiques sécuritaires qui transforment notre société en Etat policier. Elle constitue une injure non seulement envers les étrangers, mais également envers les Français attachés aux valeurs de liberté, d’égalité, de fraternité et de respect de la personne humaine. Elle donne de la France l’image d’un pays qui se replie de plus en plus sur lui-même.

We reject this ultra-liberal policy of breaking the labor and wage code, of which emigrants are the first victims. We reject this European policy dictated by European employers for “chosen immigration”, ultimately allowing this relocation on the spot, at a lower cost, and competition between labor immigration channels.

The freedom of movement of human beings is a founding value of civilization and democracy.

This social project is not ours!

The democratic and united society to which we aspire demands:
The abolition of the ministry of “national identity”,
The stopping of the hunt for undocumented migrants, the stopping of expulsions and the closing of the detention centers,
The stopping prosecutions against the supporters of undocumented migrants,
The repeal of laws stigmatizing migrants and violating their rights,
The abandonment of government projects on exceptional justice and quotas,
The implementation of another European policy, unlike fortress Europe,
The right to housing, health, education and work for all,
Rights for migrant women who promote their autonomy,
The regularization of undocumented migrants,
The abolition of the employment tax for the hiring of foreign workers,
A policy of welcoming foreigners allowing them to live in dignity in France.

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