Appeal of the SAF and the SM to the Demonstration of April 5

Syndicat des Avocats de France
Syndicat de la Magistrature
No to exceptional justice for foreigners

Foreigners are no longer litigants like the others.

Successive laws trample on the fundamental rights guaranteed to other citizens by the courts: the right to a fair trial, to the assistance of a lawyer and an interpreter, the right to an effective remedy. For foreigners, confinement prevails over freedom.

The prosecution has put themselves at the service of the “number” policy imposed by the current power. Rachida DATI, Minister of Justice even recalled that she was the “head” of prosecutors and uses her authority to ask the prosecution to increase the number of identity checks targeted on foreigners.

The control exercised by judicial judges becomes residual. Recent and upcoming reforms create truly exceptional justice for illegal aliens. They can be tried within waiting areas or detention centers and no longer in courthouses like other litigants.

On the pretext that justice “would cancel too many proceedings”, it would even be necessary to modify the constitution to remove the judicial judge from this process. Thus, individual freedoms do not deserve to be protected when they concern “mere foreigners.” “

In addition, the penalization of acts of solidarity or of support for foreigners reinforces the instrumentalization of this special justice for foreigners.

We refuse the creation of an exceptional justice for foreigners. We call on legal professionals attached to our values ​​to join the demonstration on April 5, 2008 at Place d’Italie.

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