The Romani Union Portugal “Highly Concerned”
Lisbon, August 2, 2010
Press Release from the Collective to Support Roma Families in the Plaine de Triel-Chanteloup
SNJ-CGT Press Release, International Federation and European Federation of Journalists
August 19, 2010
ATD Fourth World Press Release August 23, 2010
European Rally Against the Shame Directive
Wednesday 7 May 2008 in Brussels
Support the Struggle of Striking Undocumented Workers
Let’s meet them at their workplaces
UCIJ Condemns the Government Reform of Naturalization Procedures
and supports the struggle of the officials of Rezé (44)
National Mobilization on April 5, 2008
demonstration in Paris – 2:30 p.m. Place d’Italie
Call of Student and Youth Organizations for April 5
Call of Academics and Researchers Against Disposable Immigration
Feminist Call for the April 5 Demonstration
Appeal of the SAF and the SM to the Demonstration of April 5
The Refusal of the Right of Asylum Killed [Petition]