Feminist Call For the April 5 Demonstration

French-Immigrants: equality and solidarity!

France is those who live there

Whatever our origin, our nationality, our skin color, with or without papers

State xenophobia kills the rights of all

Detention, arrests, increasingly numerous expulsion measures, restriction of visas, police border control, precariousness of immigrants, “solidarity offense”, registration of people who welcome foreigners …

Feminists, fighting against all forms of domination and discrimination, we stand in solidarity with all foreigners targeted by these laws and we claim the right to housing, health, education and work for all and all. We denounce with all the organizations calling for this demonstration the nationalist withdrawal and the liberticidal and anti-social measures of the government policies at work. We also demand:
 The recognition of the right of residence for women living in France independent of the evolution of their marital status, so that they are free from any “blackmail to papers”
 A proactive fight against racist, sexist and residential discrimination in all areas, access to training, skilled and well-paid jobs, for migrant women
 Access to accommodation and social protection systems whatever the administrative situation of the person
 Respect for the fundamental rights of women confronted with situations of violence, domestic violence, family violence, trafficking in human beings, situation of slavery, in particular, whatever their administrative situation
 In terms of personal rights, the application of French law to persons residing in France
 The regularization of all undocumented women
 The right of asylum for women persecuted or threatened because of their sex or their life choices

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