French and foreigners, together against precariousness
for the respect and equality of rights

In 2006, we founded the Collective “United against Disposable Immigration” (UCIJ) to oppose the bill amending the Code of Entry, Residence and Asylum (CESEDA).

We condemned the political logic which links the right of residence to the sole needs of the economy, limits access to the rights of foreigners and stigmatizes them in an attempt to oppose them to the rest of the population.

Today the situation of foreigners has not improved. The action of collectives of undocumented migrants, citizen mobilizations around the Education Without Borders Network (RESF), the commitment of trade unions (in particular the CGT, Solidaires, FSU, CFDT, UNSA from October 2009 to June 2010) in alongside the striking undocumented workers, the support of associations, helped prevent expulsions and wrest down regularization criteria.

But the right to asylum remains flouted, expulsions continue and too many undocumented migrants remain subject to terrible precariousness, victims of a system that encourages their overexploitation at work, penalizes them on all levels: health, social and professional integration or family life … And those who are regularized are too often with precarious titles.

What was unacceptable under the presidency of N. Sarkozy is no less so under the presidency of F. Hollande.

Faithful to our 2006 commitment, we reject any immigration policy based on a repressive and xenophobic logic, we condemn statements on the demography of African populations or on the alleged inability of the majority of Roma to integrate, we denounce persecution of the Roma as well as any discrimination or stigmatization linked to origin or religion.

Our organizations demand the ratification by France of the International Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and Their Families and more generally the respect of fundamental rights for all migrants and asylum seekers.

* They consider that beyond the first achievements of the mobilizations, it is urgent to change the law to win:

– the regularization of migrants deprived of a residence permit, so that they can benefit from living and working conditions with equal rights and treatment.

– the issuance of a single multi-year residence permit, granted from the first request, without mentioning the reasons for access to the stay, replacing the temporary one-year permit and giving entitlement to a resident card from the first renewal.

* They call on citizens to commit themselves to their side so that these objectives are achieved, in particular by signing this call on a massive scale.

First signatories: Citizens’ Assembly of Turkish origin (ACORT) – Association of Moroccans in France (AMF) – Association for the support of foreigners in the Val de Marne (ASSOUEVAM) – AILES Femmes du Maroc – Association for the taxation of financial transactions and citizen action ( ATTAC) – La Cimade – Antiracist Collective of Corsica Avà Basta – Collective for the Future of Homes (COPAF) – Ivryan Collective for Vigilance Against Racism (CICVR) – Rights Ahead !! – Femmes Égalité – Federation of Tunisians for a Citizenship of the Two Shores (FTCR) – Women of the Earth – League of Human Rights (LDH) – Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP) – Network Christian Immigrants (RCI) – Education Without Borders Network (RESF). Unitary Trade Union Federation (FSU) – Union Syndicale Solidaires. Together ! […]