United Against Disposable Immigration [Petition]

We reject the CESEDA bill that the government is preparing on immigration!

The new reform of the Code for the entry and stay of foreigners and the right to asylum (CESEDA) leads to a radical negation of fundamental human rights. It even more radically restricts the right to residence for families, spouses, children, and all those who build their lives in France. It ratifies the virtual disappearance of this “integration” tool that was the resident card. It attacks the stay of foreign patients.

If this project is adopted, it will not be good to love each other between French and foreigners, to want to live with his family or to have children. For them, the endless multiplication of conditions will make the hope of regularization very futile.

The project is deliberately part of a utilitarian perspective. The government is showing its willingness to go and plunder the capacities and talents in the world. Only foreigners perceived as profitable for the French economy will be “acceptable”. As for the others, neither their personal situation nor their family situation will henceforth give them rights, to the point that regularizations will become almost impossible. This project creates a new category of foreign workers whose length of stay is limited to the goodwill of their boss. In addition, the abolition of the right to the issue of a residence permit, for foreigners who have been present in France for at least ten years, condemns them to perpetual irregularity. The project will also select the entry of foreign students much more.

As for foreigners in a legal situation, the right to live with the family becomes an achievement: the government plans to tighten the conditions for family reunification (resources, housing, opinion of the mayor on the “integration” of the family). He casts suspicion on foreign fathers of French children, who will have to prove their paternity.

To read the new government plan on immigration, to hope to obtain and keep their residence permit, foreigners must cumulatively be “well integrated”, well seen by the mayor of their municipality, in good agreement with their spouse, appreciated by their boss , with a good salary and ample accommodation.

Knowing that a reform of the right to asylum should greatly reduce the conditions for granting refugee status, it is all the rights of foreigners that is in danger. It is the responsibility of each of us to react. By stigmatizing foreigners, the government tries to pit us against each other and sells away fundamental freedoms.

We therefore call on us to mobilize against the CESEDA reform which, if adopted, would make foreigners in France, regular or irregular, a second-class population, deprived of rights, precarious and delivered hand and foot linked to the arbitrariness of the employers. , administration and power.

First signatories: ACAT France, ACORT, ACT UP, ADDE, ALIF sans papiers, les Alternatifs, Alternative Citoyenne, Alternative Libertaire, Anafé, APPEL, ARCAT, Association to act against discrimination at School, Association for a European citizenship of residence ( ACER), Association for Integration and Citizenship (AIC), Association le Monde Des Cultures, People’s Mutual Aid Association, Primo Levi Association, Association for the Recognition of the Rights of Homosexual and Transsexual Persons to Immigration and Residence ( ARDHIS), Association of Solidarity with Algerian Women Democrats (ASFAD), Association of families victims of lead poisoning (AFVS), ASTI de Colombes, ATF, ATMF, ATTAC Campus, ATTAC Paris 9-10ème, Autremonde, Ban Asbestos France, CADAC, CEDETIM, CFPE, CGT, CIMADE, CNDF,3rd Collectif des sans papiers in Paris, 9th Collectif des sans papiers, Collective 43 for the defense of the sans-papiers, Collective in support of Exiles from the 10th arrondissement of Paris, COMEDE, Housing Actions Committee, Cultural Committee for Democracy in Benin (CCDB ), Ivryen Committee for Vigilance Against Racism and for Aid to Undocumented Migrants, Homeless Committee, Coordination 93 for the fight against undocumented migrants, Coordination of AMFs of IDF, COPAF, DIDF, Droits Devant, Popular Education & Transformation social, ELENA (Association of lawyers linked to the European Council for Refugees and Exiles), FASTI, Femmes Relais du Paris 20ème, Femmes de la Terre, FSU, FTCR, GAS, GASProm-ASTI de Nantes, la Générale, GISTI, Groupe living environment, SOS Group, Habitat Santé Développement, Indigenous people of the Republic, Homosexualities And Socialism (HES),Citizen Initiatives and Actions for Democracy and Development, Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Interassociative (Inter-LGBT), Latinoamerica Unida, LCR, LDH, Lutte Ouvrière, European Marches / Euromarches, Health Migration, MJS, Movement for a Republican Alternative and Social (MARS), MRAP, No Vox, PCF, PCOF, PCOT, the Peripherals speak to you, RACORT, RAJFIRE, Ras l’front, Réseau Chrétien Immigrés (RCI), Feminist Network “Ruptures”, Resistance 7th Art, Résovigi Lyon , Salam, Health is not a commodity, SMG, Survie, Syndicat des Avocats de France, Syndicat de la Magistrature, Syndicate of medical inspectors of public health (SMISP), National Union of maternal and child protection doctors, Sud Education , UEAF, UNEF, Union of Anarchists, Union of psychiatry,Union Syndicale Solidaires, UNIR, UTIT PdIDF, the Greens …

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