United Against Disposable Immigration – Back & Now In English

United Against Disposable Immigration

Many in the US think of the problems associated with migration as restricted to the US. However, migration is a world wide phenomena, affecting all countries. As part of interest in raising awareness of migration here, we are pleased to bring back ImmigrationJetable.org, a French website chronicling political efforts of the Left to modify French policy towards migrants, particularly unauthorized migrants. Focusing on efforts by presidents Sarkozy & Hollande to modify asylum law particularly, the site served as rallying point to fight these changes, and advance policy proposals for easing life for migrants generally. The site finally died around 2016 when, of course, the domain was picked up by Japanese spammers. Seriously, what is the connection between migration in France and after party gifts in Japan?

Rescued by us, the website will be back with all the historical content, plus some new relevant content. We will also offer the site in English, with French as an option. We will be back shortly. In the mean time, you can get in touch.

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