Ill Foreigners: Analysis of the Changes Planned by the Government

This analysis by the ODSE (Observatory of the right to health of foreigners) refers to the version of the preliminary draft dated December 18, 2005 .

”  According to the declarations of the Minister of the Interior dated January 12, 2006, the provision on the temporary residence card allocated to sick foreigners” would “not be modified.

Nevertheless, the ODSE wishes to react to the working document dated December 18, 2005.

Two analyzes can be carried out:

 on the one hand, on the project proposed by the services of the Ministry of the Interior despite the Minister’s announcement that this project would not be continued;

 on the other hand, on the changes brought about by the tightening of the general conditions for issuing and renewing all temporary residence cards, in particular those bearing the mention “private and family life”. If these changes were to see the light of day, the health and social situation of foreigners would be profoundly affected.  “

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