French and Foreigners, Together Against Precariousness, for the Respect and Equality of Rights

In 2006, our organizations and associations founded the Collectif “Uni (e) s contre Immigration Disposable” (UCIJ) to oppose the bill amending once again the Code of entry, residence and law. asylum (CESEDA). We condemned a political logic which wanted to link the right of residence to the estimated needs of the economy, worsened more and more the access to the rights of foreigners and stigmatized them in an attempt to oppose them to the rest of the population.

Today the situation of foreigners has deteriorated further. Certainly the action of collectives of undocumented migrants, citizen mobilizations around the Education Without Borders Network (RESF), the commitment of unions (in particular the CGT, Solidaires, FSU, CFDT, UNSA from October 2009 to June 2010) alongside the striking undocumented workers, the support of associations has made it possible to prevent expulsions and secure regularizations. But the objectives of the Ministry of the Interior in terms of escapes to the border remain those of the previous government.

The right to asylum is violated, expulsions continue and too many undocumented migrants remain subject to terrible precariousness, victims of a system which, not content with encouraging their overexploitation at work, penalizes them in terms of housing (too many people are homeless), health, social and professional integration or family life … And those of them who are regularized are too often with precarious titles that do not allow their full access to rights .

What was unacceptable under the presidency of Mr. Sarkozy is no less so under the presidency of Mr. Hollande.

Many citizens do not understand that a policy that they believed to have denounced with their votes is pursued identically. There are many who show their solidarity with men and women without papers, with young adults and families threatened with expulsion, with exiles in the jungles, with minors left behind. street or children still in detention today …

Faithful to our 2006 commitment, we reject any immigration policy based on a repressive and xenophobic logic, we condemn statements on the demography of African populations or on the alleged inability of the majority of Rroms to integrate, we denounce persecution of Rroms as well as any discrimination or stigmatization linked to origin or religion.

We demand the reform of the law to allow

  • the advancement of rights in our country ,
  • effective equality of rights between French and foreigners ,
  • respect for all foreigners for fundamental rights , in work, access to health care, education, the right to live in family, as with regard to retirement.

Faced with the proliferation of precarious permits , this means in particular the issuance of permanent and full residence permits , with a view to the generalization of the resident card, conquering the mobilization of the March for Equality. Finally, we want the promise made in 1981 to give the right to vote in local elections to foreign residents to be kept .

We call for the strengthening of all mobilizations going in this direction and, as the first act of a national campaign, we call for making December 18, 2013 , international day for the rights of migrant workers and their families, a great day of struggle and demonstrations .

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