Help Us Move the Petition Forward

The collective’s petition will only be a success if it is massively signed. Also, we invite you to publicize the page of this website that allows you to sign it online . You can also help us by distributing impressions of the paper version (click here) to those around you who do not have an Internet connection.

The paper version of the petition

Not everyone has an Internet connection. We invite you to download and then print the paper version of the petition, by clicking here (pdf, 39.5kb) , to distribute it to those around you who do not have an Internet connection.

No more typing … just send us your sheets 🙂

Faced with a great delay in entering the paper petitions that had been returned to us, the UCIJ decided on June 19 to simplify the processing of paper signatures: the systematic entry is over, we will now be content to count the signatures on the sheets that we receive. will be returned (to complete the total indicated on the website).

Also, all organizations and individuals who have paper petitions to enter are exempt from this task, and we invite them to quickly return all their originals (no photocopies  [ 1 ]) to …

GISTI (UCIJ petition) 3 villa Marcès 75011 Paris

… where they will be counted (then archived).

Please indicate an e-mail in your sending, this will allow us to acknowledge receipt of your sending very quickly (and at a lower cost).

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