What Consequences for Women?

We ask for the withdrawal of the reform project announced by the government on the entry and stay of foreigners on French territory, which dramatically calls into question the rights of foreigners.

We participate and call for the unitary mobilization which must develop.

We also want to emphasize the following points:

  • When the regularization of undocumented migrants becomes almost impossible and when the situation of all foreigners becomes precarious, women are all the more affected as they are, because of inequalities between men and women and discrimination and violence sexist, in a more vulnerable situation.
  • The announced changes relating to the foreign spouses of French nationals obstruct the right to live with the family, and also reinforce situations of conjugal dependence. Indeed, the deadlines are extended (temporary card for 3 years), the issuance of the resident card depends on the discretion of the prefect, the possibilities of withdrawing the card are confirmed. In fact, this can have more damaging consequences for women who may be further locked in oppressive marital situations.
  • The changes announced for family reunification make it even more difficult. However, even today, it is mainly women and children who are the joining family members (around 80% of joining spouses are wives). As a result, they will fall outside the legal procedures and will be more likely to be in an irregular situation, with no prospect of one day being able to obtain a residence permit. As for women who want to bring their families, given the low wages for women and part-time jobs, their possibilities are further reduced.

Such a bill falls within a more global political framework. It feeds xenophobia by making foreigners, except the “chosen” minority, unwanted, dangerous, delinquent people that France would suffer. It is part of the policy of reduction and negation of rights in all areas (work, social, education …) in a logic of unbridled liberalism.

As for the new labor immigration, it is a question of precarious and insecure immigration, the right to stay depending on employment from a utilitarian perspective.

Laws, even extremely restrictive, cannot stop international migrations which obey political, economic, social, ideological factors … Migrants will always seek to come, settle and work in France, but they and they will be condemned to an extremely precarious situation, at the risk of serious infringements of fundamental rights. This is not the company we want.

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