26 Organizations Write to François Hollande


Citizens’ Assembly of Originals of Turkey (ACORT) – Democratic Association of Tunisians in France (ADTF) – Association for the Recognition of the Rights of Homosexual and Transgender Persons to Immigration and Residence (ARDHIS) – Solidarity Association in Essonne for Roma Families (ASEFRR) – Association of Maghrebian Workers of France (ATMF) – ATTAC – Lawyers for the Defense of the Rights of Foreigners (ADDE) – Rights Before !! – Federation of Associations for the Support of Immigrant Workers (FASTI) – Federation of Tunisians for Citizenship of the Two Rives (FTCR) – Information and Support Group for Immigrants (GISTI) – La Générale – La Marmite aux idées (Calais) – Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP) – Education Without Borders Network (RESF)

Unitary Trade Union Federation (FSU) – Solidaires – Sud-Education – Syndicate of Lawyers of France (SAF) – Syndicat de la magistrature (SM)

Federation for a Social and Ecological Alternative (FASE) – The Alternatives – New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) – French Communist Party (PCF) – Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF) – Left Party

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Mr. President of the Republic

The majority which has just come out of the polls will very quickly have to make important decisions in terms of migration policy. It would hardly be conceivable that we continued to live longer with the legislative and regulatory arsenal, discriminatory in its conception, all-repressive in its modalities, partly inherited from the Sarkozy era.

The maintenance of the migration policy under the control of the Ministry of the Interior, castigated in its time by the Socialist Party, seems to us a very bad sign: While all French citizens see, in their relations with the administration, their affairs Managed by as many “competent” ministries as their existence has facets, immigrants continue to see themselves locked up in a single administrative ghetto, under close surveillance. This discrimination must end, even if this change is obviously not enough on its own to guarantee foreigners a better policy.

The complete overhaul of the CESEDA is necessary and supposes, on the one hand, a real consultation with the organizations which defend their rights and, on the other hand, an in-depth reflection on the ways of promoting equal rights and fostering, by a comprehensive approach, decent and peaceful living conditions for immigrants and their children.

France’s ratification of the International Convention on the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, adopted in 1990 by the United Nations General Assembly, also appears essential.

But, beforehand, transitional measures are urgent to loosen the grip in which the immigrant population is today caught and to finally emerge from the era of suspicion, harassment and humiliation. A strong measure must be taken immediately: a moratorium on evictions. This moratorium implies that foreigners currently in detention be released.

To put an end to decades of an outrageous xenophobic policy, which degrades the country, with ever harsher laws in contradiction with fundamental rights (UDHR, Geneva Convention, ECHR, CIDE), our organizations expect your government a strong signal now to consider a change in migration policy in depth for the future, and give meaning to living together so damaged by the previous government.

In the immediate term, there would be a number of ad hoc changes that would facilitate the existence of foreigners. We will content ourselves with indicating one: the repeal of the regularization taxes which force those of them who receive a residence permit to pay up to € 800, a manifestly abusive and discriminatory sum with regard to what is required. French people to obtain an identity document (free for an identity card at 86 € for a passport).

Our twenty-six organizations thank you for your attention to these demands and request you, Mr. President, to receive the assurance of their highest consideration.

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