Support the Struggle of Striking Undocumented Workers

Since April 15, more than three hundred undocumented workers have been on strike in Ile-de-France on a dozen different sites. Their one and only demand: regularization.

They work in restaurants, hotels, construction, security, commerce or cleaning, that is to say in so-called “live” activities, thus likely to allow the issuance of residence permits. in application of the utilitarian philosophy of government. That they thus belong to the “chosen immigration”, dear to MM. Sarkozy and Hortefeux, change nothing. They are undoubtedly more usable without paper than with them, since the competent prefects do not exercise their discretionary power conferred on them by law, and their employers seem satisfied with the situation.

The courageous action of these striking employees echoes the struggles led by the UCIJ collective which, since its constitution in January 2006, has never ceased to denounce the barbarism of the immigration policy conducted by France, denying rights and the dignity of foreigners settled on French territory and working there in precarious conditions.

The strike movement also directly echoes the campaign initiated within this same collective – mixing unions, collectives of undocumented migrants and associations – “Undocumented migrants… and workers! “( -> see the brochure” Undocumented migrants, let’s defend our workers’ rights! ” ).

Today the UCIJ gives its determined support to the workers on strike and to the unions who support them, and, through this struggle, to all the foreigners whom the public authorities are working on, reform after reform, to be left undocumented. against their will.

Let us all come to express our solidarity with these struggling employees, by picnicking with them on Sunday April 20 by going to visit them in their various workplaces.

The different places of strike:

In Paris
The restaurant chain “Chez Papa”, 206 rue Lafayette – 75010 Paris (metro Louis Blanc)
“Pizza Marzano”, SARL Mountain Pizza Company, 30, boulevard des Italiens – 75009 Paris (metro Opera)
“Fabio Lucci”, avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris (metro Porte de Pantin)
COGEDIM, 6-8 rue Xantrailles, 75013 Paris (metro Olympiades, Nationale or bus 27 Jeanne d’Arc) Meeting at 12 noon

In 91
VEOLIA, 31 rue Ampère, ZI de Villemain, 91320 Wissous
LPP, 1 chemin de la Maison Blanche, 91790 Boissy-sous-Saint-Yon
MILLENIUM, – 14 rue Ampère, 91430 Igny
BBF (gardening), Zone Industrielle (near de l’Intermarché), 91540 Ormoy

In 92
US PASSION TRAITEUR, 145-153 boulevard de Valmy, 92700 Colombes

In the 93
Store CASA NOVA, 58 avenue Victor Hugo, 93320 Les Pavillons-sous-Bois

In the 94
House of cleaning – Federation of Employers – 3 rue Jean Jaurès – Building A – 94800 Villejuif

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