New Analysis of the Bill Amending the Code on the Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right to Asylum (CESEDA)

This third analysis by the collective “United (s) against disposable immigration” refers to the version of the bill adopted on May 17, 2006 by the National Assembly , which must now be the subject of a discussion in the Senate. .

The National Assembly has just adopted on May 17, 2006 the bill relating to immigration and integration. The Minister of the Interior, as he usually does, wanted to make public opinion believe that he had taken into account certain criticisms formulated, in particular by the Christian network. Far from being relaxed, the bill has even seen its content harden, in particular concerning young people and family immigration. In doing so, the National Assembly took up certain elements present in the draft laws that the UCIJ had had the opportunity to denounce. Before the bill passes in its turn before the Senate, it seems important to propose a new complete analysis of the “small law”. Here we wanted to highlight the adopted amendments.

“United against disposable immigration” brings together more than 700 organizations (collectives of undocumented migrants, associations, trade unions and politicians). This collective which was formed in January 2006 continues to deploy energy to denounce this project, which proposes a policy based on a new paradigm, that of selection. In doing so, the text violates very serious human rights; he reduces the foreigner to the labor force he represents. The government, after having initiated a first law in 2003, continues its enterprise of destabilization of populations already weakened by years of blind policy, indignity and contempt of the fundamental freedoms.

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