“Humanity and Firmness”, They Always Say!

On December 30, 2012, two Algerians who were participating in a hunger strike for undocumented migrants in Lille were expelled from France. On January 1, 2013, 19 French organizations condemned this expulsion with the following declaration launched within the framework of the UCIJ:
It is no longer possible to have the slightest doubt about what this rhetoric covers. For the socialist government, it is not inhumane to persevere on appeal against an opposing court decision to wrest the right to expel two hunger strikers in an alarming state and to proceed “firmly” to this expulsion from the outset. dawn of the penultimate day of the year. We strongly affirm our will to oppose, by all means at our disposal, the pursuit of this policy during the coming year.

Signatory organizations

* Associations:

Solidarity association in Essonne with Roma families
ATMF (Association of Maghrebian workers in France)
CSP 75
Rights ahead !!
FASTI (Federation of support associations with immigrant workers)
Women Equality
GISTI (Information and support group for immigrants)
MRAP (Movement against racism and for friendship between peoples)
RESF (Education Without Borders
Network ) Stop Precarity Network

* Trade unions:

Union Syndicale Solidaires

* Political formations

Les Alternatifs
FASE (Federation for a Social and Ecological Alternative)
GA (Anticapitalist Left)
NPA (New Anticapitalist Party)
PCF (French Communist Party)
PCOF (Communist Workers’ Party of France)
PG (Left Party)

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