European Rally Against the Shame Directive

On May 20, 2008, the draft directive on the detention and expulsion of foreigners will be submitted to the European Parliament.

This project, in the continuity of European policies on immigration focused solely on the security and repressive aspects, formalizes the disappearance of the fundamental principles of people. If adopted, this text would allow:
the imprisonment of foreigners who can reach 18 months for the sole fact of having crossed borders and wanting to live in Europe.
the detention of minors, with disregard for the best interests of the child.
The ban for deported foreigners to return to Europe for 5 years, which amounts to criminalizing and excluding these people.

In view of these human rights violations, we therefore ask European parliamentarians to reject this draft directive.

It is our responsibility to react to prevent the systematization of camps and the removal of people deemed undesirable.

All information and the petition:

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