Draft Amendment to the Code for the Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right to Asylum (Céséda)

This analysis by the League of Human Rights refers to the version of the preliminary draft dated December 18, 2005 .

“  This proposed modification of the Céséda, which comes two years after the previous reform, constitutes a historic step backwards in the area of ​​foreigners’ rights.


To oppose, beyond the imaginable, to any regularization, to undermine the situation of the foreigner in France to the detriment of the most fundamental rights including that of living with the family while generalizing the condition drawn from the ” Republican integration into French society ” which it thereby makes impossible, seem to constitute the main objectives of this project and attest to its hypocrisy, at best its paradox. We will overlook the absence of any logic of the Minister of the Interior who returns to the very rare provisions favorable to foreigners that he had agreed to make in 2003.


The only contributions of this text, based on a utilitarian conception of immigration already implemented in the past, are intended for those who can “enrich” France. The result is also known, if not sought after: plunging into precariousness those who intend to remain in France and, contrary to the stated goal, further increase the number of “undocumented” people

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