Demonstrations on September 4 in Front of French Embassies in Europe ENAR Press Release of 1 September 2010

ENAR organizes a European demonstration against the xenophobic policies of France Following recent events in France targeting and stigmatizing immigrants and more particularly the Roma population in the name of security and public order, the European Network against Racism (ENAR) is launching a coordinated response to protest against France’s xenophobic policies.

ENAR and anti-racist NGOs in several countries of the European Union are outraged by these events and will organize demonstrations in front of French embassies on Saturday September 4 to protest against the xenophobic policies put forward this summer by the French government and to show our solidarity with French anti-racist NGOs who are organizing a big demonstration in France on the same day. A demonstration will also take place in front of the French Embassy in Brussels (Boulevard du Régent 42) at 2:00 p.m. (GMT + 1).

ENAR thus intends to express its concerns about the systematic expulsion of Roma from Romania and Bulgaria and statements linking Roma / immigration and crime. The use by members of the French government of a populist and discriminatory discourse makes scandalous confusions between Travelers, Roma immigrants, migration and violent crime. Both this rhetoric and the expulsions risk reinforcing discriminatory prejudices and perceptions towards this ethnic group which is already one of the most discriminated against in the EU, as well as towards immigrants in general.

In addition, the protest will take place days before France holds a meeting of Italian, German, British, Spanish, Greek, Belgian and Canadian immigration ministers on September 6 to discuss irregular immigration. It seems that the meeting could also aim to legitimize France’s policy of reuniting and deporting Roma, and promoting Italian ideas of automatic expulsions of EU nationals who cannot afford themselves financially. and who live on state aid.

ENAR calls on the EU and its member states to ensure the integration of Roma in Europe in a coordinated and inclusive manner. A comprehensive European strategy for Roma inclusion must ensure that Roma are protected against discrimination, have equal access to education, employment, health care and housing, and have the opportunity to participate in the civic and economic life of their country.

For more details on the protests in Brussels and other European cities, see: DocID = 25135 & langue = FR The European Network against Racism

(ENAR) is a network of NGOs working to fight racism in all EU Member States and represents more than 700 NGOs spread across the European Union. ENAR is firmly committed to combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, and to promoting equal treatment between EU citizens and third country nationals.

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