Call of Student and Youth Organizations for April 5

In recent years, laws have multiplied to close all avenues for regularization. The government has been at the initiative of four laws, multiple decrees, circulars and administrative decisions that call into question the rights of foreigners in our country: freedom to live with their family, freedom to study, to work and to exercise right of asylum.

The government’s interventions on this theme are in total contradiction with our vision of immigration and more broadly of an open and united society that allows the free movement of individuals.

The Minister of National Identity and Immigration summons the prefects to make figures and to fill deportation quotas. The raids are multiplying, foreigners without papers dare no longer go out, move around, go to work and study.

How many human tragedies will it take for the checks, searches, arrests and expulsions to stop? The discriminatory policy and the hunt for undocumented migrants must end. Foreigners from France must be received with dignity and with respect for human rights.

The irregularity favors scandalous exploitation of foreign workers who find themselves deprived of all protection at the mercy of employers.

We reject the logic of immigration chosen to serve the interests of employers both at the French level and at the European level, allowing local relocation, at a lower cost, and competition between labor immigration channels. Europe cannot and must not be a fortress which kills at its borders and which, after use, gets rid of the people who have built their lives on European territory.

The signatory organizations reaffirm their attachment to the right to live with the family, to the right of access to studies, to work for all and to the exercise of the right of asylum. We will continue our engagement in unitary collectives and networks of solidarity with undocumented migrants against the policy of round-ups, expulsions and administrative detention of foreigners.

The signatory organizations call on young people and all citizens to actively participate in the national mobilization day organized on Saturday, April 5, 2008 by the United Collective against disposable immigration, by the Education Without Borders Network and by the Collectives undocumented.

The democratic and united society to which we aspire requires:

 The abolition of the ministry of “national identity”,
The end of the hunt for undocumented migrants , the end of expulsions and the closure of detention centers,
The end of the prosecution of the supporters of the undocumented,
repeal of laws stigmatizing migrants and violating their rights,
The abandonment of government projects on exceptional justice and quotas ,
The implementation of another European policy , as opposed to fortress Europe,
The right to housing, health, education and work for all ,
Rights for migrant women which promote their autonomy ,
The regularization of undocumented migrants ,
The abolition of the employment tax for the hiring of foreign workers,
policy of welcoming foreigners allowing them to live in dignity in France.
Regularization of all undocumented students

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