1st Analysis of the Reform Project of the Code of Entry and Residence of Foreigners and of the Right of Asylum

This analysis by Fasti (Federation of Associations of Solidarity with Immigrant Workers) refers to the version of the preliminary draft dated December 18, 2005 .

“  Two years after having implemented his first reform, and a few months after having destroyed social protection for Sans-Papiers, Sarkozy continues his operation to destroy acquired rights and hunt immigrants. This reform project constitutes an unprecedented setback, returning the immigrant to the role that society gave him in the years 1950/1960: a “necessary evil” for our economy. The government, with this project, amplifies the utilitarian vision of the immigrant person as a labor force and not as a person. On the program, constant suspicion at all levels: request for regularization, renewal of the permit, subjugation of the stay in France to the employment contract, destruction of family reunification, of the residence permit for health reasons.

Europe has had a significant need for labor for several years, and this trend will accelerate. The aging of the European population will have serious repercussions on the economy. Also, it is necessary to compensate for this aging by a supply of labor from extra-community people whose precariousness and subjugation to employers will be the daily lot. Europe will therefore shamelessly draw on the manna of labor represented by poor countries but on its own terms, instituting the phenomenon of “Kleenex” immigration.

It is important to also denounce the double speech of the Minister of the Interior. Indeed, this master of rhetoric constantly uses double talk when it comes to immigration. While speaking of integration, respect for difference and for the human person, the Minister of the Interior classifies the immigrant population into two categories:

 the good one: labor immigration, flexible, scalable and forced to thank you, authorized to stay in France for the duration of the employment contract;

 the other: settlement immigration, considered to be an evil for society, which must be fought and made to the extreme precarious.  “

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